We have had such a wonderful start to our rafting season this year and it’s all thanks to our wonderful guests!! Working in the office, I don’t get to meet most of the people that we take rafting, but I do get to see the photos after every trip. It’s so rewarding getting to see wonderfully happy faces and reading their reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

When I do get to go rafting, it is such a treat talking to our guests about their experience. Earlier this season I went rafting on the Lower Roaring Fork with Marco & Martha. They had never been rafting before and were both a little nervous before the trip, but once we were on the water they were able to relax. Tats and I talked to them about road trips, Marco’s job building ships & Martha’s love for cooking.

Sunday I got to run Slaughterhouse alongside Joseph, Cristal, Camille & Steve. Steve and Camille were celebrating Camille graduating from high school and enjoying Father’s Day weekend. Steve had been rafting before, but it was Camille, Joseph & Cristal’s first time.  When I had talked to Cristal and Joseph about rafting they thought they wanted to do the Upper Roaring Fork. After I talked to them about what to expect on Slaughterhouse they decided they wanted to challenge themselves with something a little more difficult.

The reason I choose to work in the rafting industry is because of the people. It doesn’t matter if they have been rafting all over the world or if it’s their first time. Each experience is special in its own way. One of the reasons why I love working with EME is that everyone on our team wants to make your trip the best, most memorable whitewater-rafting trip ever!

So give me a call (970-456-6287) and let us share our love for rafting with you!