We still have about a month left before we start rafting the Roaring Fork River, but all I can think about is boating. I’m so lucky to work with a company that lets me work remotely. I am currently in Durango, CO sitting outside in 73° weather drinking a Mexican Logger. Life is great.

I’ve been on the road since March 26th. I got to spend the first few days visiting friends and family on my way to the beautiful Salt River in eastern Arizona. I spent a few hours each day getting our new reservation system set up before I’d hit the road for another 3-6 hours. Then I reached my destination. The Salt River is my favorite place in the world. There’s no cell service. No Wi-Fi. No running water. Just cactus, dirt, friends, and a river.

It was a short season and the water was low by the time I finally arrived, but it so worth the 15 hours it took to drive there. I spent 2 weeks living in a tent surrounded by wonderful humans, magical canyon walls, and the sound of tumbling rapids. We went boating a few times on the day-trip stretch through Class III rapids, but my favorite memories were the times we just sat in the boat, floating on the flat-water section by camp. Not every rafting trip has to be an adrenaline rush; sometimes all you need is a boat and good people.

 photo: Emily Cornell

Once the Salt was done I came back to Durango for a few days hoping to run the Piedra River, but the weather changed and we got snow instead. So I drove back to Aspen to get some work done. The morning of our business meeting I got a text from Anna, “Taos box is running. We’re talking about going tomorrow.” (Note: It’s about 6.5 hours to get from Aspen to the Taos Box in Northern New Mexico) I played with the idea for a bit, but decided that I had too much work to finish before our meeting at 4:30pm. It wasn’t going to happen. After about 4 hours of working on the reservation system, phone calls, approving retail, and updating information sheets, I changed my mind. I finished my laundry, re-packed my bags & loaded my car. I went to the meeting and hit the road at 6pm. I arrived at exactly 12:34am. The campfire was still going and the bottles were tooting. The next morning was rough, but all 9 of us piled in the car and made our way to the put-in.  It was a day packed with rapids, laughter, big horn sheep, and sunshine.

The next day we ran the Rio Grande Race Course. It was only 10 minutes from camp, so we got to take our time getting up. I got to R2 a few miles with Emily before Neil took over. It‘s not easy moving a boat with 2 tiny girls paddling and 6 guides sitting there doing nothing.  But it was fun being able to do a little guiding and work on reading the water.

 photo: Josh Lee

I already have a Ruby Horse Thief trip planned for this weekend. I’ll get to row a boat and spend 3 days in the sunshine celebrating Amanda’s birthday. And I get to reunite with my Salt friends tomorrow afternoon for some rafting on the Lower Animas!

Couch surfing can get a little old, but I haven’t quite reached that point yet. I’m still getting work done in preparation for the summer, all while going on adventures in the sunshine. I’m stoked that Aspen is looking at snow for the weekend. It means the rafting will be glorious all summer. But until it warms up, you’ll find me in the Southwest playing on boats and hiking dry trails.

If you think this sounds like fun, you should give me a call and set up some rafting for the summer (970)456-6287. We have everything from adrenaline pumping Class IV whitewater to mellow and relaxing floats. Let us share our love for rafting and the outdoors with you, your family, and your friends!