This beautiful Class II float starts just outside Carbondale, Colorado, and meanders through the lower Roaring Fork Valley. Some call this trip the “Nature Float” due to the high probability of seeing abundant wildlife such as Bald Eagles, Red Tailed Hawks, River Otters, Mule Deer, fox and the occasional golfer. With just enough excitement to keep the whole family entertained and plenty of sightseeing along the way, this trip will make you a river rafting enthusiast drooling for more!

We will provide everything you need to stay warm and comfortable on the river: wetsuits, river booties, splash jackets, personal floatation devices and helmets (required for select trips, and available for all trips). We even have fleece for you to wear if you get cold easily. Fresh snacks and cold beverages (Beer, Sodas, Water) will be served after we get off the river. All of these items are included in the trip cost. We also offer FREE photos with this trip!

Level of Difficulty: Class II - (Mild)
Adult Price: 99
Kids Price (10 and under): 85
Start Time/Duration: Half Day: 9:00am and 2pm
Season: May - Labor Day
Minimum Age: 4 and at least 35 lbs.